Management Faculty Publications


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Submissions from 2018


Guanxi, IT Systems, and Innovation Capability: The Moderating Role of Proactiveness, Man Zhang and Janet L. Hartley

Submissions from 2016

Understanding the use of self in organizational development: An exploratory study of the self-exploration practices in Auroville, India, Jane V. Wheeler


Institutional effect on born global firms in China: the role of Sun Tzu's The Art of War strategies, Man Zhang, Qian Gao, Jane V. Wheeler, Jungsook Kwon, and Michelle D. Steward

Submissions from 2014

Exploring supply management status, internal collaboration and operating performance, Janet L. Hartley, Michelle Brodke, Jane V. Wheeler, and Zhaohui Wu

404. Relationship Not Found: Digital vs. Analog - Moving Towards a Synthesis, Jane V. Wheeler and JoeJohn M. Lanza

Submissions from 2013

A Holistic, Organic Process of Personal Growth and Leadership, Jane V. Wheeler

Submissions from 2011

Mission, Vision, and Values: What Do They Say?, Steven H. Cady, Jane V. Wheeler, Jeff DeWolf, and Michelle Brodke


Value of Emotional Intelligence for High Performance Coaching - A Commentary, Deborah A. O'Neil,

Submissions from 2010


What could an Executive Coach do for an Association Football Manager? A Commentary, Margaret M. Hopkins; Deborah A. O'Neil,; and Diana Billimoria


Utilisation of foreign trade zones in the global supply chain: an exploratory study, Hokey Min and Thomas E. Lambert

Submissions from 2009


The relationship between emotional intelligence and buyer's performance, Lillian Schumacher, Jane V. Wheeler, and Amelia S. Carr

Submissions from 2008


Data Envelopment Analysis for establishing the financial benchmark of Korean hotels, Hokey Min, Hyesung Min, Seong Jong Joo, and Joungman Kim


Hybrid Data Envelopment Analysis and simulation methodology for measuring capacity utilisation and throughput efficiency of container terminals, Hokey Min and Byung-In Park


Assuring quality at the source with varying worker skills: economic justification of the online repair policy, Dooyoung Shin and Hokey Min


The impact of social environments on emotional, social, and cognitive competency development, Jane V. Wheeler

Submissions from 2005


The Magnetic Sentences Industry Game: A Competitive In-Class Experience of Business-Level Strategy, Maureen Casile and Jane V. Wheeler

Self-Managing Work Teams: Enhancing Organizational Innovativeness, Senthil K. Muthusamy, Jane V. Wheeler, and Bret L. Simmons

Submissions from 2004


How to lead a self-managing team, V. U. Druskat and Jane V. Wheeler

Submissions from 2003


Managing from the boundary: The effective leadership of self-managing work teams, V. U. Druskat and Jane V. Wheeler

Understanding emotional intelligence: A conversation with Richard Boyatzis, Jane V. Wheeler and R. Hall

Submissions from 2002


Chrysler Leverages Its Suppliers' Improvement Suggestions, Janet L. Hartley, Bertie M. Greer, and Seungwood Park

Words from the wise: A proverbial look at emerging themes for the 21st century OD practitioner, Jane V. Wheeler


Expanding our Teaching Effectiveness: Understanding our Responses to “In-The-Moment” Classroom Events, Jane V. Wheeler and Poppy Lauretta McLeod

Submissions from 2000

Philosophy as a Missing Link between Values and Behavior, Richard E. Boyatzis, Angela J. Murphy, and Jane V. Wheeler


Supply-Chain Synchronization: Lessons from Hyundai Motor Company, Chan K. Hahn, Edward A. Duplaga, and Janet L. Hartley

Submissions from 1996

Competencies can be developed, but not in the way we thought, R. E. Boyatzis, D. Leonard, K. Rhee, and Jane V. Wheeler

Submissions from 1995


Learning-Centered Education: A Guide to Resources and Implementation, Diana Bilimoria and Jane V. Wheeler