Frequently Asked Questions

What is ScholarWorks@BGSU?

ScholarWorks showcases the scholarly and creative works of BGSU faculty, staff, and students. Visit the About page for more information about ScholarWorks publishing services for faculty.

BGSU faculty interested in creating an associated author profile can check out the SelectedWorks Guide for Authors for more details or contact ScholarWorks staff for assistance.

What type of content can BGSU faculty submit to ScholarWorks?

ScholarWorks accepts a wide range of digital formats, including text, images, audio, and video files. Possible content types include things like articles, books or book chapters, conference proceedings, data sets, peer reviewed journal articles, open textbooks, university documents, and working papers.

How do BGSU faculty submit material to ScholarWorks? How do they revise submissions?

Faculty who'd like to submit CVs and articles or notify staff about submission revisions should email

Some publishers allow authors to post the final published version of an article, but most only allow the accepted manuscript--the version of the article that has gone through peer review but not the design process. Library staff will review CVs and check individual publisher policies for faculty.

How can BGSU faculty find out more about publishing a journal, conference, or open textbook on ScholarWorks?

For more information about journal publishing, visit the Journals page.

Contact ScholarWorks staff with questions about other publishing projects.

How can BGSU staff and students contribute to ScholarWorks?

Students can submit work to ScholarWorks only as part of a specific course or degree requirement that is sponsored by a BGSU faculty member. BGSU faculty members interested in sponsoring new collections of student work should contact ScholarWorks staff for more information.

Staff members with ideas for new collections should contact ScholarWorks staff.

How can users find out more about the collections hosted on ScholarWorks?

Each conference and journal on ScholarWorks has its own editor or administrator. Users with questions about an existing conference or a journal can find contact information on the conference or journal site.

Users with questions about advertising or publishing in the BG News should contact BG Falcon Media.

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