ScholarWorks Publishing Services

Are you a BGSU faculty member looking to boost your research impact? University Libraries offers digital publishing services to help you create, disseminate, and preserve your scholarly work.

Promote your scholarly publications

  • Make your journal articles, conference proceedings, audio and video files, open textbooks, and more available worldwide. Library staff check publisher permissions for you.
  • Access download statistics for each of your hosted publications.
  • Create a faculty profile to showcase your work.

Publish an open access journal

  • Publish an open access journal in your discipline using a suite of tools that covers manuscript submission, peer-review, and article hosting.
  • Serve as an advisor on a student journal.
  • Library staff oversee the creation of standard identifiers for your journal, including ISSN and DOIs, as well as the indexing of articles in relevant subject databases.

Host a conference

  • Host your BGSU-affiliated conference. Put out a call for papers, post the schedule, and publish the proceedings using one system.

Preserve your work

  • The library provides digital preservation services to ensure long-term availability of your work.

Contact Emily Gattozzi, Coordinator of Scholarly Publishing, to learn more and get started.