About ScholarWorks@BGSU

ScholarWorks@BGSU is an institutional repository (IR) for hosting, preserving and providing access to scholarly and creative work produced at Bowling Green State University. The service was created and is managed by the Bowling Green State University Libraries. Members of the Bowling Green State University academic community are invited to contribute completed scholarship for long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility.

What are the Benefits of Contributing Your Work to ScholarWorks@BGSU?

  • ScholarWorks@BGSU is an electronic publishing tool that helps maximize the distribution and visibility of your content. It is Google-optimized so material is more visible, easier to find, and cited more frequently.
  • ScholarWorks@BGSU provides a permanent space to archive and preserve your scholarly materials and projects.
  • ScholarWorks@BGSU sends monthly statistics to contributing authors, detailing how their material has been accessed.
  • Items submitted to ScholarWorks@BGSU are hosted on a secure server and given a persistent URL to ensure permanent access.
  • Submitting your works to ScholarWorks@BGSU can help meet the data-sharing mandates of some grants, like, for example, those funded by the NIH.
  • As well as being indexed by Google, ScholarWorks@BGSU content is also a part of the Digital Commons Network, the wider network of institutions with IRs hosted by bepress.

About Institutional Repositories

Institutional repositories bring together all of a University's academic output under one umbrella, with the aim of preserving and providing access to that research.

As well as providing an excellent vehicle for displaying previously published material, IRs supply a high quality platform for conference hosting, peer-reviewed journals, professional presentations, faculty sponsored student work in capstone courses, e-text books, and other works not published elsewhere.

To view a list of other institutional repositories using bepress technology, please visit the bepress Customers page.

Copyright Information

Authors retain the copyright for all content posted in ScholarWorks@BGSU.

Acceptable Use

Individuals have the right to download and print a personal copy of materials in ScholarWorks@BGSU. Unless otherwise indicated, individuals do not have the right to make additional copies, post, or distribute any of the materials, unless the use meets a reasonable determination of fair use. Any use of ScholarWorks@BGSU content that exceeds these exceptions requires permission from the copyright holder. Permission does not need to be obtained for linking to ScholarWorks@BGSU content.

Preservation and Perpetual Access

University Libraries’ commitment to preserve and provide perpetual access to content in ScholarWorks@BGSU applies only to material housed on servers maintained directly or under contract by University Libraries. Links and access to content—of any format—referenced outside ScholarWorks@BGSU cannot be guaranteed by the University Libraries or ScholarWorks@BGSU.