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This paper explores the intersections of using autobiographical (currere) writing and mindful meditations as two forms of contemplative practices in teacher education, from the perspectives of both a secondary classroom teacher and a teacher educator. An experientially-based conceptual inquiry, it is contextualized through first-person autobiographical narrations reconstructed from the authors’ currere writings and mindfulness practices, in order to draw connections between both through the theme of making room for breathing. The pedagogical contexts surrounding how students practice mindfulness and currere in teacher education are discussed, and the body, emotions, temporality, space, and relationality are analyzed as intersecting and complementary dimensions of these contemplative practices. When currere and mindfulness practices are combined they are mutually enhancing, and this paper explores the relationships between the two to formulate a theory and practice of self-understanding and self-transcendence for renewing integrative pedagogy in teacher education.

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