FAQs and Contact

Please seek out inquiries via the Editor-in-Chief team (hbang@bgsu.edu).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the deadline for submission?

A1: Rolling-based submission and publication, since it is an online based journal, we are publishing as soon as we accept.

Q2: Are you open to modified and updated reprints of existing materials or solely looking for original works?

A2: We aim to publish original pieces rather than reprints of previously published works.

Q3: What are the parameters of the paper (i.e., word count, citation format, intended audience, etc.)?

A3: It depends on the type of your paper. You can check the link for the “call for submission” and the journal’s aims and scope: https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/jche/news.html

Q4: What does the review process look like? What is the average timeline for submission, review, publication, etc.?

A4: Please refer to this flowchart for details regarding the publication process as it pertains to authors.

If it’s an original research article, we have two blind-review processes. We ask reviewers to finish the review within 42 days for their initial review. However, depending on the number of reviews, the time needed by the reviewers, it might take several months. Depending on the type of submission, we do not go through a blind review process. Two experts including our editing team will review the piece and make a decision. So, the process might be shorter than the blind review process.

Q5: Do you accept articles on contemplative inquiry practices in a university setting, or is it only for K-12?

A5: It can be k-12 or a university setting.

Q6: Is the Journal interested in audio-visual materials?

A6: Yes, we are accepting audio-visual practice materials. The formats we want are reflected on our webpage. https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/jche/news.html

Q7: Where do I submit a video in mp4 file to the Journal?

A7: You will be able to see “Audio/video submission” in the dropdown menu of submission type. (Document Type  Type of submission ͢(dropdown menu) Audio/Video Submission).

Q8: What are the next steps after article submission?

A8: The article will be assigned to an associate editor and the editor will forward it to two reviewers.

Q9: Regarding “organizing a special issue,” what does "organizing" mean? Does it mean conceptualizing the theme for the issue, and sourcing and editing the papers for the issue?

A9: Yes, organizing a special issue means you can conceptualize a theme and edit the issue as a guest editor. There are two ways you can do this; 1) we can post your theme via the journal webpage and send out the call for submission under the theme to gather scholars via the journal, and 2) you can organize a team of scholars who might be interested in the topic and edit the issue. Or a combination of the two. #1) might take longer than #2).

Q10: Since papers go on the website and are then collated into an issue, is there a timeline I need to work with?

A10: You can take as much time as you want. As soon as we accept a piece, it will get published after copy-editing process. You will know issue number and DOI number afterward. Just keep in mind of the months we need to go through the peer review process. See Q4.

Q11: For reflective essays, are they supposed to be on education?

A11: Please check the call for submission for guidelines for reflective essays, etc. You can check the link for the “call for submission”: https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/jche/news.html

Q12: Where can I submit my work?

A12: You can submit your work by clicking the blue banner on the left side “Submit Article.”

Q13: Will I have to pay APC if my article is accepted by the journal after the review process?

A13: You don’t need to pay anything to publish your paper in the Journal. You also get the copyright for your publication.

Q14: Would the journal be interested in publishing an interview? And if so, are there particular angles or questions that can be addressed?

A14: We do have a section for “Interviews with practitioners, spiritual teachers, students, and youth, among others.” When you submit your piece, select the dropdown menu under “type of submission.” Check out our webpage: https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/cgi/cview2.cgi/jche/news.html

Q15: Is there a specific formatting and citation style (e.g., MLA or APA) that you would like for the articles?

A15: All types of submissions should be formatted using APA style (7th) including in-text citations and references.