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In response to concerns as to how to respectfully mobilize Canada's 2015 Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) 94 Calls to Action in our teaching/learning and/or life practices, I developed the Four Protocols of Engagement as a starting point for those ready to authentically engage with First Peoples, their/our lands, and ways of doing, knowing, and valuing. I demonstrate how I apply the Four Protocols in my own work through detailing how each protocol enacted requires preparatory knowledge seeking and actions to make meaningful and impactful Land Acknowledgements. I conclude by reflecting on the content and practices outlined in this example of implementing the Four Protocols of Engagement using the HOW self-assessment tool that I designed for use prior to and during our engagement with knowledges and practices from Nations not our own, in order to ensure that we are approaching this work in authentic, non-appropriating, heartfelt, humble, and mutually respectful and beneficial ways.

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