Publication Date

May 2023


The article invites readers to question and reflect on the purpose of modern education and narratives of a good life, success and happiness. Modern, capitalistic, industrialized, urbanized and colonial (and colonizing) ways of living and being have created numerous global challenges. In light of these challenges, we need to re-examine our educational systems. I explore the potential of nai taleem as a philosophy of learning, living, and being; one that decolonizes education, our monoculture mindsets, and our notions of a good life. In an increasingly globalized, albeit disconnected, world I call for nai taleem as a means for building meaningful connection with oneself, with the community, and with the larger (natural) world. I share four case studies of interventions where I applied nai taleem based philosophies to a mainstream government-run school, a higher education initiative, a translocal learning network, and to my own daughter’s education. Finally, I share a reflective oath for educators as a commitment to exploring unlearning and nai taleem.

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