Publication Date

May 2023


This “reconstructed interview-conversation” involves the entire editorial team of the Journal of Contemplative and Holistic Education (JCHE). Together, the team dialogues around the shared visions, aspirations, motivations, and aims we have in creating this new journal platform. With this sharing, the team sends out a welcoming invitation to colleagues from around the world to get to know our new journal and to join our work to support and promote contemplative and holistic education. We at JCHE are committed to the ideal of education as transformative integration of mind-body-heart-spirit, which we ultimately understand as a decolonizing project. Through this interview, various research and life themes have emerged: the centrality of education for wisdom, the life-sustaining importance of contemplative practice, the role of contemplative and holistic education as decolonial project; how JCHE exemplifies and aims at cultivating the wide diversity that exists in intellectual work; the place of contemplative and holistic education within peace education and environmental education; the important contributions that Indigenous knowledge practices make to education, science, medicine, and health care, and to the broader task of cultivating ecological and human flourishing; as well as concerns about contemplative/holistic practices being co-opted by neoliberal and instrumental forces in education.

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