Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy Faculty Publications


The mission of the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy (EFLP) is to prepare educators to assume leadership roles in formulating and implementing administrative policy and improving practice at all levels of education and in agencies outside of formal educational settings.

BGSU is a proud member of the University Council for Educational Administration, a consortium of research universities committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children.

BGSU's EFLP programs are nationally recognized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2011


Religion, Forced Migration and Schooling: varying influences of religious capital among Iraqi Christian refugee students in Jordan and the USA, Bruce A. Collet


Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study of Adolescent Students in England and the United States, Margaret Zoller Booth and Jean Marie Gerard

Submissions from 2010


Sites of Refuge: Refugees, Religiosity, and Public Schools in the United States, Bruce A. Collet


How Principals "Bridge and Buffer" the New Demands of Teacher Quality and Accountability: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Teacher Hiring, Stacey A. Rutledge, Douglas N. Harris, and William K. Ingle

Submissions from 2008


Confronting the insider-outsider polemic in conducting research with diasporic communities: Towards a community-based approach, Bruce A. Collet

Submissions from 2007


Blood Relatives: Language, Immigration, and Education of Ethnic Returnees in Germany and Japan, Debora Hinderliter Ortloff and Christopher J. Frey

Submissions from 2006


Neither a Borrower, or a Lender be: Educational Reform Through Transnational Borrowing and Lending, Margaret Zoller Booth

Submissions from 2000


Review of: Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa: Contemporary issues and future concerns, Margaret Zoller Booth