Managing Editor: Dr. Shelly Newstead, Common Threads Playwork, UK
Associate Editors: Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Cartmel, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Prof. Rick Worch, Bowling Green State University, USA

'Playwork' originated in the adventure playgrounds created in the middle of the 20th century to provide children's spaces within urban environments. Playwork practice is currently used by professionals working with children in an extensive range of international settings, from parks to prisons and deserts to development projects. The practice of playwork draws on a number of diverse disciplines for its theoretical and technical foundations, and playwork practice and its origins are studied by scholars from a wide range of fields.

International Journal of Playwork Practice is the official journal of PARS playwork practice. The journal aims to advance playwork research and practice by providing the first ever interdisciplinary platform for the publication and dissemination of relevant scholarship to playwork practice. IJPP bridges the playwork theory-practice divide by facilitating practitioner access to relevant research, and also enables researchers interested in playwork to access a hitherto inaccessible field of practice and its literature.

Recent Content


What if and What More: disturbing habits of thought about playwork ‘re-search’
Wendy K. Russell, John Fitzpatrick, and Bridget Handscomb