Aims & Scope

International Journal of Playwork Practice aims to advance the study and practice of playwork practice by providing an international platform for the publication and dissemination of relevant scholarship to playwork practice, from contemporary and historical perspectives and from all aspects of theory, philosophy and policy. It includes peer-reviewed research papers and shorter, practitioner-focused contributions; historical and contemporary articles.

International Journal of Playwork Practice welcomes empirical and conceptual studies on all aspects of playwork practice from contemporary and historical perspectives. We particularly welcome contributions in the following areas:

  • epistemological and methodological issues as applied to playwork research, theory and practice
  • empirical studies and conceptual analyses of theories relevant to playwork practice
  • the existence and nature of a children's culture
  • play as currently conceptualised by the Playwork Principles ('a process that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated')
  • the nature and development of playwork practice in relation to the diverse range of settings in which it is used
  • the historical development of playwork practice
  • comparative studies of playwork practice and alternative methodologies for working with children and young people
  • analysis and critiques of local, national and international policies and legislation in relation to playwork practice
  • evaluation of playwork practice employing quantative and qualitative methods
  • children's experience of playwork practice
  • biographical essays on key figures in historical and contemporary playwork practice

In line with our aim of encouraging practitioner research and facilitating dialogue between practitioners and researchers, International Journal of Playwork Practice also welcome contributions from playwork practitioners, including:

  • reviews of classic and contemporary playwork literature
  • analysis and commentary on literature from any discipline relevant to playwork practice
  • reflective essays on theories as applied to playwork practice
  • reflective accounts on the implications of using playwork practice in diverse settings and cultures
  • cross-national comparisons of using playwork practice
  • examinations of specific areas of playwork practice which identify areas for further research