Editor: Scott Highhouse, Bowling Green State University
Associate Editors: Silvia Bonaccio, University of Ottawa
  Nathan Carter, University of Georgia
  Oleksandr (Sasha) Chernsyhenko, Nanyang Technological University
  Mikki Hebl, Rice University
  Cornelius König, Saarland University
  Nathan Kuncel, University of Minnesota
  Dan Putka, HumRRO
  Neal Schmitt, Michigan State University, Polaris Consulting
  Mike Zickar, Bowling Green State University
Measurement and Measures Section Editor: Dennis Doverspike, University of Akron

Personnel Assessment and Decisions is the official journal of the International Personnel Assessment Council (IPAC). The journal welcomes any studies or reviews related to staffing organizations and assessing its members. This might include (but is not limited to) research on:

  • applicant recruitment and assessment
  • selection tools (e.g., interviews, tests, work samples)
  • selection decisions
  • on-boarding and training
  • job search and choice
  • performance assessment and employee development
  • job analysis and competency modeling
Considerable emphasis will be placed on applied research that is novel, accessible, important, and newsworthy (think Psychological Science for personnel psychology). Articles should have practical relevance and be of broad interest.

News (06/04/18) We are announcing a call for papers for a special issue on advanced technologies for personnel assessment which can be found here. The submission deadline for this issue is December 1, 2018.

News (04/13/18) We have announced a call for papers for a special issue on applications of judgment and decision making to problems in personnel assessment which can be found here. The submission deadline for this issue is November 30, 2018.

News (04/13/18) The journal is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Associate Editors: Silvia Bonaccio and Nathan Carter.

News (10/30/15) We have added some resources for authors and reviewers in the left sidebar. Feel free to check them out!

News (1/16/15) Since introducing the journal, we have received a number of high-quality submissions. Given the nature of a minority of submissions we received, a new subsection entitled “Practitioner Demonstration Projects” was added to the Measurement & Measures section.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2018)

Invited Article


Creating Test Score Bands for Assessments Involving Ratings using a Generalizability Theory Approach to Reliability Estimation
Charles Scherbaum, Marcus Dickson, Elliott Larson, Brian Bellenger, Kenneth Yusko, and Harold Goldstein

Research Articles


Critical Analytic Thinking Skills: Do They Predict Job-Related Task Performance Above and Beyond General Intelligence?
Sara Beth Elson, Robert Hartman, Adam Beatty, Matthew Trippe, Kerry Buckley, John Bornmann, Elaine Bochniewicz, Mark Lehner, Liliya Korenovska, Jessica Lee, Les Servi, Alison Dingwall, Paul E. Lehner, Maurita Soltis, Mark Brown, Brandon Beltz, and Amber Sprenger


Content of Qualitative Feedback Provided During Structured, Confidential Reference Checks
Cynthia A. Hedricks, Disha Rupayana, Leigh Puchalski, and Chet Robie