High levels of stress can result in college athletes experiencing symptoms of burnout, and electing to terminate their sport participation. Research suggests there may be a relationship between athlete burnout and one’s view of stress (Avery et al., 2022). The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between stress mindset and burnout in college athletes, while controlling for gender, coping self-efficacy, and perceived stress. College athletes (N = 118) completed measures of stress mindset, athletic burnout, coping self-efficacy, and perceived stress via online survey software. Non-parametric partial correlations were conducted to determine relationships between variables while controlling for coping self-efficacy, perceived stress, and gender. The results revealed a significant negative correlation between stress mindset and total burnout score, and the burnout subscale of reduced sense of accomplishment. Further research could examine the effectiveness of a stress mindset intervention on reducing burnout symptoms in college athletes.