Aims & Scope


The mission of the Journal of Athlete Development and Experience (JADE) is to advance, promote, and disseminate original empirical research surrounding issues concerning athletes in high school through professional sports both in the United States and abroad. This interdisciplinary journal will include a wide variety of topics and methodological approaches to examine the development of athletes. The research that is published in this journal will be both practical and theoretical in nature.

Submissions to this journal that are cross-disciplinary and have clear applied and real-world uses are encouraged. All articles are peer-reviewed and intended for an audience of both academics and practitioners, and should be written for the lay reader.


The goal of JADE is to focus on empirical research that can give new voice and insight to the athletic experience from a variety of perspectives and methodologies. All manuscripts should be timely, thought provoking, and add to the existing body of literature.

Submissions should focus around of theme of athlete development and experiences. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Athletic Experience
  • Athletic Identity
  • Athlete Perceptions
  • Transitions
    • High School to College / College to Professional
    • Self-Selected Retirement
    • Career Ending Injury
  • Academic/Student Support Services
  • Media
    • Social Media
    • Reporters
    • Mediated Images of Athletes
  • Social Justice and Activism
  • Professional/Career Development
    • Financial Literacy
    • Career Maturity
  • Athlete Wellbeing
    • Psychological Services
    • Substance Abuse
    • Injury/Recovery
    • Mental Health
  • Coaching and Athlete Development
    • Recruitment
    • Performance
    • Training
    • Education
    • Transferring
  • Sociological Aspects of Athlete Development
    • Race
    • Gender
    • LGBTQI+
    • Socioeconomic Status
    • Religion
  • Character and Leadership Development