The purpose of this conceptual manuscript is to advance a new integrated model: the Narrative Identity (NI), and Liminality Model (NILM). The NILM advances narrative as an intervention tool for Black gendered scholar-athletes (BGSAs) by integrating NI theory (Adler et al., 2017) with the Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) model (Yosso, 2005) for positive outcomes intra-intercollegiate career. The developmental characteristic of sense-making of one’s life via the life story model and life stage phases (McAdams, 1985, 2011) are paramount to BGSAs’ articulation and development during their liminal condition (Sutton, 2017) as athletes in their orientation to sport. More specifically, orienting the NILM as a possible intervention tool for documenting and examining the evolving stories that are pertinent to BGSAs’ emerging adulthood storied realities intra-intercollegiate career are vital. Hence, it is compulsory to further the scarce literature composed of narrative identity utility in athlete development through this substantially overlooked methodology. Thus, this conceptual analysis is grounded in a critical review of scholarly literature that employed Critical Race Theory (Bell, 1992), CCW, and NI for athlete development or transition in sport scholarship. Consequently, two questions are posed to investigate scholarship to frame the NIL Model to advance positive developmental outcomes for profit-generating BGSAs.