The professional literature contains little focused specifically on NCAA DIII. NCAA Goals data provide an overview of common characteristics and challenges of DIII student-athletes. However, the large number and variety of DIII member institutions merit DIII athletic programs assessing the needs and well-being challenges of its particular student-athletes and to create and tailor programs and interventions to support student-athlete well-being. A needs assessment of student-athlete well-being issues was carried out at an institution with a large DIII program. Part one, reported here, used focus groups of student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and athletics administrators. Results suggested well-being challenges at this institution were largely associated with poor diet, stress, lack of adequate sleep, and alcohol use. Fear of missing out, lack of and poor coping skills, poor interpersonal communication, lack of self-advocacy skills, and lack of other “adulting” skills made it difficult to manage and balance their lives. Lack of balance along with lack of resilience emerged as main contributors to the behaviors and environments creating well-being challenges for the SAs. Part two should further document and validate factors impacting student-athlete well-being through a survey of all student-athletes. This needs assessment can serve as a model for others.



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