This pilot study of the Play Cycle Observation Method (PCOM) provides a method to record the process of play as outlined by Sturrock & Else (1998) Play Cycle. Using a single 4 minute video, 5 participants mapped the Play Cycles of a boy (aged 5-6 years) and a girl (aged 9-10 years) and recorded quantitative data in relation to recording play cues prior to and then within established Play Cycles, number of Play Cycles and how long they last. In addition, more qualitative data can be recorded with respect to the nature of the play cues, play frames, annihilation (how the Play Cycle ends) and the adult role in the Play Cycle. Results from this pilot study indicates that the PCOM can provide a consistent way of recording Play Cycles which can have a benefit for both playwork practice, playwork qualifications and playwork training