Research underscores engagement in identity management strategies as an effective way to reduce workplace discrimination, particularly subtle forms of discrimination. The aim of the current study is to examine the use and effectiveness of different methods of the specific identity management strategy of acknowledging race as a way to reduce workplace discrimination and lead to other positive outcomes for Black individuals. A sample of Black and White individuals with professional work experience participated in an online vignettebased survey. Participants read four short vignettes involving race in the workplace and responded to a series of questions assessing usage of various acknowledgment strategies, affective outcomes, and perceptions of effectiveness. Results revealed that Black individuals reported acknowledging their race to a greater extent than did White individuals, and Black people reported positive benefits of affirming race and using humor to discuss their race. Finally, Black participants found racial acknowledgments to be more effective than White participants. Implications and future directions are discussed.

Corresponding Author Information

Enrica Ruggs


Dept. of Management, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis 202 Fogelman College Admin. Bldg, Memphis, TN 38152



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