An online survey of 211 playworkers, 90 childcare and early years workers, and 90 ‘other play’ professionals provided demographic data from 391 people involved in the play workforce in Wales. This was the first extensive survey of the Welsh play workforce since 2008 and was part of a larger Welsh play workforce study. Results of the study found the play workforce in Wales is predominately white, female with no disabilities. Differences within the play workforce exist in relation to the average age where playworkers are younger compared to childcare/early years workers and ‘other play’ professionals. There is a significant difference between the average years employed, hourly rate for both full-time and part-time employment, and types of play-related qualifications when comparing playworkers with childcare/early years workers and ‘other play’ professionals. The results from the study can contribute to both the statutory Play Sufficiency Assessment each of the 22 local authorities has to undertake as well as the current play review. The study could be replicated in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.