Experiential learning is an important aspect in any learning program, but in sport management programs, it might be considered essential to the learning process and post-graduation career success. There are several types of experiential learning which include in-classroom activities, internships, practicums, cooperatives, and service learning. In many instances, more than one type of experiential learning is being used to enrich the student’s experience and prepare them for post-graduate careers. The purpose of this study is to understand the experiential learning opportunities available in collegiate sport management programs in the United States. This study utilizes interviews and open-ended questionnaire responses to look at experiential learning in sport management programs within the United States. Overall, there were 30 participants, ranging from small to large institutions, public and private, as well as teaching and research. Four themes were present after reviewing the data: a variety of internships and experiential learning opportunities, practical application, networking, and resources available to faculty. The themes presented showed the importance of experiential learning opportunities, the range of experiences in sport management programs, and the perceptions of the faculty.

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