Architecture and Environmental Design Faculty Publications


The BGSU Architecture and Environmental Design programs pursue the convergence of technical and liberal arts to inspire and empower students to enhance the built environment.

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2016


The City of Tomorrow: Geddes Model of 1945, Andreas Luescher and Sujata Shetty


Toledo Tomorrow: Reading Norman Bel Geddes' Vision for the Future in a Shrinking Midwestern City, Sujata Shetty and Andreas Luescher

Submissions from 2015


The Design of Frontier Spaces: Control and Ambiguity, Carolyn Loeb and Andreas Luescher


Poster as Design Dialogue, Andreas Luescher

Submissions from 2014


The City as Campus: Creating a Sustainable Vision for the City of Toledo, Andreas Luescher, Sujata Shetty, and Scot MacPherson

Submissions from 2013


Design Epilogues, Andreas Luescher


The Architect’s Guide to Effective Self-Presentation in the Marketplace, Andreas Luescher


Introductory review to the Special Issue: Shrinking Cities and Towns: Challenge and Responses, Andreas Luescher and Sujata Shetty

Submissions from 2010

Concrete Geometry: Playing with Blocks, Andreas Luescher


The architect's portfolio : planning, design, production, Andreas Luescher

Framing Urban Design as Service Design: Case Study in a Struggling City in the U.S. Industrial Mid-west, Andreas Luescher and Sujata Shetty

Inter-disciplinarity in Urban Design: Erasing Boundaries Between Architects and Planners in Urban Design Studios, Sujata Shetty and Andreas Luescher


When Economic Growth is No Longer the Norm: Teaching Urban Design in a Time of Transformation, Sujata Shetty and Andreas Luescher

Submissions from 2007


Collaboration Between Architects and Planners in an Urban Design Studio: Potential for Interdisciplinary Learning, Sonia Hirt and Andreas Luescher


Unit of Luminous Flux: Mario Botta's Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel, Andreas Luescher

Submissions from 2006

Experience Field for the Development of the Senses: Hugo Kükelhaus' Phenomenology of Consciousness, Andreas Luescher

Submissions from 2005

Working It out by Hand: Construction as a Creative Act, Andreas Luescher and Scott K. Kutz

Submissions from 2003

Portfolios: Conceptual Foundations and Functional Implications, Andreas Luescher and John W. Sinn

Submissions from 2002

Physical Trace, Andreas Luescher

Professional Portfolio as Heuristic Methodology, Andreas Luescher

Refashioning No-Man’s-Land: Urban Image Politics and the Visual Dimensions of Democracy, Andreas Luescher

Word and Image: Portfolio as Autobiography, Andreas Luescher