Submissions from 2017

Making the cut when applying for jobs online, Jeanne A. Novak

Submissions from 2015


Raising Expectations for U.S. Youth with Disabilities: Federal Disability Policy Advances Integrated Employment, Jeanne A. Novak


Are Midwestern School Administrators Prepared to Provide Leadership in Special Education?, Michael Schaaf, Robert Williamson, and Jeanne Novak

Submissions from 2014

Too Disabled to Work: A Crossroad Once Thought Passed, Robert Evert Cimera, Sloane Burgess, Jeanne A. Novak, and Lauren Avellone

National certification initiative for employment support professionals: Promoting quality integrated employment services, Jeanne A. Novak, Wendy Parent-Johnson, Laura A. Owens, and Patricia Keul

Submissions from 2011

Application of intergroup contact theory to the integrated workplace: Setting the stage for inclusion, Jeanne A. Novak, Kelsey Jo Feyes, and Kimberly A. Christensen

Supported Employment and Social Relationships in the Workplace, Jeanne A. Novak, Patricia M. Rogan, and David M. Mank

Submissions from 2010

Learning through service: a course designed to influence positively students' disability‐related attitudes, Jeanne A. Novak


Social integration in employment settings: application of intergroup contact theory, Jeanne A. Novak and Patricia M. Rogan

Effects of a 21st-Century Curriculum on Students’ Information Technology and Transition Skills, Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Amanda Yurick, Haikady N. Nagaraja, and Jeanne A. Novak

Submissions from 2009


Enhancing the Preparation of Special Educators through Service Learning: Evidence from Two Preservice Courses, Jeanne A. Novak, Mary Murray, Amy Scheuermann, and Erin Curran

Submissions from 2008


The Faculty Perspective on Universal Design for Learning, Margaretha Vreeburg Izzo, Alexa Murray, and Jeanne A. Novak

Submissions from 2007


Disclosure of a psychiatric disability in supported employment: An Exploratory Study, Becky R. Banks, Jeanne A. Novak, David M. Mank, and Teresa Grossi

Submissions from 2003

The work project survey: Consumer perspectives on work, Michael McQuilken, James H. Zahniser, Jeanne A. Novak, Roy D. Starks, Antonio Olmos, and Gary R. Bond

Supported employment and systems change: Findings from a national survey of state vocational rehabilitation agencies, Jeanne A. Novak, Pat Rogan, David Mank, and Dale DiLeo