Aims & Scope

Dear Colleague:

Visions in Leisure and Business monograph is an interdisciplinary publication dedicated to addressing the issues that influence leisure and business communities through an in-depth analysis. The solution too many of the problems in each of these areas is the ability to obtain many ideas on a single issue. Depth of exploration helps in the providing of perspective and viewing problems from different points of view. It is the evolution and exchange of ideas that leads to the development of practical solutions of problems based on sound theory.

The Monograph is seeking interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems. There is not an emphasis on defending a particular position based upon provincial content approaches. It is the interaction of the different disciplines that brings new approaches and innovative ideas and a how to improve operations. The sharing is the key to discovery and refinement of new approaches through the cooperation of an interdisciplinary team. Those who are successful using an interdisciplinary approach are the individuals who have perspective and an ability to fit pieces together. The materials that are being sought are those that have an innovative multilevel approach. Those who use this method are leaders not followers. Many individuals have solid ideas but cannot practically put these ideas into action. It is the group process that often gives raise to new solutions.

This is a personal invitation for you to become a member of an innovative group to share and receive information that will help you and your organization to become leaders in the leisure and business disciplines.