Visions in Leisure and Business Monographs is dedicated to exploring innovative approaches to help identify and solve personal services issues. The publication is devoted to a single theme or issue that explores the topic in-depth. The length of the manuscript is not an issue because the quality of the analysis is the primary concern.

The primary purpose is to investigate the ramifications of factors that influence the individual as well as the organization. The focus is on causal relationships.

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The Visions editors have digitized the publications Recreation Management and Employee Service Management. The national organization that published these materials discontinued these publications. In an effort to ensure that these materials are not lost and the topic of employee services continues to receive emphasis in the future, the Visions editors sought permission from the Research Foundation (still active) of the organization. Randy Schools is the individual who made this collection possible. He granted permission for Visions to digitize the materials and make them available via the Internet Archive. The digitization is record quality, and the Visions editors are hoping to improve the quality of the digitization as time moves forward.

This has been a laborious project that will continue in the future, because several issues of the publications are missing. If you know anyone who has these missing issues, please contact the Visions editors so we can complete the collection.

Visions will dedicate some of its future issues to this topic to explore future developments. Contributors who have varied interest in this topic should contact the Visions editors, as we want to establish a scholarship network related to this theme.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1 (2023) Volume 5 Monograph, 2023



Cooperation: Key to Management Problems
Mel Byers and David L. Groves