The Michigan Travel, Tourism and Recreation Resource Center (TTRRC) was established at Michigan State University (MSU) in 1985. From a subunit within the Department of Park and Recreation Resources (PRR) it has grown to be an autonomous unit with extensive ties across campus as well as to both the public and private sectors of this Michigan growth industry.

TTRRC's quick success in providing a wide range of research and technical assistance services is due to the sound base of support upon which to build provided by PRR faculty and long term recurring budget from the university. Relationships both on and off campus have been crucial in our success to date and receive on-going attention due to their importance to our mission and future.

The future for centers such as ours appears bright given projected growth of the industry they were designed to support. The probability of success will grow with the: 1) availability of adequate recurring base budget support; 2) integration of the centers both on and off campus, 3) maintenance of an on-going effective communications program, and 4) recruiting of quality and adaptable personnel.