Aims & Scope

Dear Colleague:

Many times the leisure professional finds himself/herself at a loss in understanding business principles needed to make operations more effective. In this same context, the business community could more effectively utilize personal services to help solve organizational and productivity problems.

Visions in Leisure and Business is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to addressing the interface between the leisure and business communities. The solution to many of the problems in each of these areas is the ability to obtain many ideas on a single issue. We are asking you to become involved in an idea exchange among the scholars and practitioners to share your experiences in a journal format. Another vehicle that is being used for the sharing process is that each member, program, and agency who is involved with the Journal may submit ideas and contribute to the Journal has an active participant. These are opinions and beliefs that are held strongly and represent different points of view.

Visions in Leisure and Business is different from other publications because it draws upon a number of disciplines to solve problems and is not locked into defending a particular position. It is a storehouse of information that can help you keep up-to-date on the latest leisure and business methods. The newest, innovative ideas will be presented in a "how-to" format to help improve operations. Sharing your experiences can help improve other's professional operations.

Visions in Leisure and Business can stimulate your thinking about how to improve your own 
expertise and skills, thereby, helping the organization with which you are affiliated. The key to professional advancement is competency and having the edge in performance, so that you are a leader not a follower in the profession. Many individuals have an ability to discern a good idea but many do not have an ability to predict trends and anticipate solutions in advance of the problem. Another important ability is seeing the bigger picture and being able to fit pieces together. Your expertise is needed because only through sharing can the perspective outlined above be achieved. No one individual has the complete perspective. Solutions will only come through group action.

This is a personal invitation for you to become a member of an innovative group to share and receive information that will help you and your organization to become leaders in the leisure and business disciplines.