As the nation seeks to increase the level and scope of human competence, largely to meet its economic challenge, a shift from the present "education paradigm", with its narrow cognitive curriculum and emphasis on schools and colleges as the primary learning settings, to a learning paradigm that begins to account for all that we learn, its multiple settings, the several modes of learning and links the substance of learning to a comprehensive goal matrix, is underway. Such an "explicit ecology of learning" provides a more effective analytical, empirical, policy and program tool for the understanding and guidance of the learning process as instrumental to personal, institutional and societal goals.

The most significant changes in the nation's "ecology of learning" are driven by a handful of "information companies" as they support the managerial revolution taking place in corporate America. As these changes ripple into other sectors and into citizen consciousness generally profound personal and institutional adjustments will take place. The problems and opportunities for the "learning business" are explored.