resilience, pandemic causes, analysis of structure and function of virus affects, identification of causal elements related to pandemic, actors and the effect of the virus


The primary purpose after the establishment of the conceptual framework was an analysis to identify potential causal influences related to structure and function. The many impacts of the virus are too numerous to catalog. Those elements that were identified are just beginning to develop an understanding of how a crisis such as a pandemic influences all segments of society. One element that had greatest impact was the severity of the COVID 19 virus upon the individual and their immediate family and/or social group. The real outcome was a time of reflection of those individuals that were isolated because of the political rules established. The pace of life was very slow and gave the individual the opportunity to view their lives in a different context. It is this circumstance that influenced the structure and function of their life. These outcomes were directly affected by the individual and their response based upon their level of resilience.

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