morale, satisfaction, employee services, Maslow, Blake and Mouton


The Raube manuscript was used as a secondary source to obtain a historical perspective about important factors that influence employees. Included in this assessment was a perspective from employees, management, and unions. This type of analysis is essential to understand the relationships between management and employees and be able to develop a model of collaboration and cooperation from both perspectives.

It is obvious that diverse factors are important during different time periods. It is essential though to understand the different time periods and their influences. This type of information will provide a longitudinal perspective and a better understanding of the evolution of factors that affect morale and satisfaction now and in the future.

The purpose was to develop a model that reflects past, present, and future influences upon employee morale and satisfaction. The problem with most studies is that they are descriptive and do not reflect upon the root causes. This type of understanding is essential to developing an approach that has longitudinal applications.

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