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This is an interview with Tim O’Brien exploring his thoughts about some of the important issues that affect the theme park and attractions business. His reflection gives rise to issues that are important now and in the future. The insight that he has provided is a bridge from the old to the new. He is always on the cutting edge of new thoughts, yet with a focus on the past to develop continuity. It is important to note that some of the issues emphasize COVID-19, but most of the thoughts are dealing with future issues.

His thoughts are a guideline to the restarting of the theme park industry. He recognizes that there has been a tremendous psychological impact of the virus. Many individuals are ready to engage with themed attractions with enthusiasm. Others are going to have to be educated and given time to adapt because the virus has been such a traumatic influence upon their life. The educational process is not a marketing effort, but a true effort to help individuals adjust and again reformulate their position to different entertainment products and a new way of approaching new norms. A personal style of writing was used throughout the article to emphasis Mr. O’Brien's contributions.

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