The objective of the descriptive paper is to analyze the success story of Hospitality Industry in Turkey. The survey is backed up by two exploratory researches one being on "The Profile of the Tourism Investors in Turkey" and the other one on "The Middle Sized Hotels and Their Impact to Tourism Development."

The paper summarizes the background of tourism development in Turkey as to global tourism development trends while key factors are discussed as to their positive constraining and variable effects.

The profile of the tourism investors in Turkey; the structure of middle size hotels and human resource development policies impact on the success story are summarized.

Professional cooperation approach of different units; use of high technology; interaction with international finance bodies; emphasis of the differential advantages of Turkey; incentive policies and the quality of the services are sited as the key factors of the success story.

In the conclusion part unforeseen outcomes and how the industry together with the Ministry of Tourism dealt with these unintended outcomes are discussed while emphasis is put on what could be done to overcome the bottlenecks.