Ann R. Shulman


Although travel and tourism is one of the world's leading industries, it lags behind many other industries in both its understanding and use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Within the travel and tourism industry, inefficient management of internal and external disputes costs millions of dollars and working hours each year. The efficient functioning of this vast network is jeopardized by disputes that rupture vital relationships within the travel and tourism industry and damage the industry's all-important public image.

The aim of this article is to illustrate how the use of ADR processes can save time, reduce costs and strengthen relationships by promoting the cooperative resolution of disputes in the travel and tourism industry. One of the primary reasons that travel and tourism disputes continue to be resolved through the court system or not resolved at all appears to be that the industry lacks information about alternative means of resolving disputes. The Travel and Tourism Dispute Resolution Forum provides disputing parties within the travel and tourism industry with the opportunity to avoid the expense, inefficiency and potential destructiveness of litigation by using alternative dispute resolution methods to arrive at a negotiated settlement.