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This study examined current personnel selection practices in Australia including (a) the types of assessments used, (b) the factors considered when choosing assessments, and (c) the characteristics targeted in successful applicants. Participants from 68 organizations responded to a questionnaire that asked about current selection practices. Several areas where current practice deviated from research-supported best practice were identified. First, psychometric tests were used rarely: Cognitive ability tests were used by 26% of organizations and self-report questionnaires (e.g., personality inventories) by 18% of organizations. Second, when choosing assessments, the three most important considerations (in order) were the candidate experience, reducing bias, and that the assessment provides consistent scores; validity of the assessment was fourth. Finally, the most common characteristic organizations considered when selecting applicants was “culture fit.” Supplementary analyses to determine how culture fit was defined and assessed suggested there is little consistency in what it means and how it is measured.

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