Organizations face challenges of screening applicants for critical skills to serve in expert staff positions requiring interactions with line managers. Such positions require a special set of cognitive and interpersonal competencies. This study investigates the psychometric qualities of a new behavioral assessment method in use in an applied setting. Using data from a group of 219 finalists for positions in a large Iranian steel company, it examined the validity and fairness of the method in relation to other test and demographic information. Results showed evidence of convergent and discriminant validity and no discrimination against women or older candidates. The study contributes to a clearer understanding of expert competencies and a practical method for assessing and training such competencies. Next steps and future needs are identified.


A previous version of this article included incorrect values in Table 5. These values were corrected and a small change to the text was made. Correction of these errors did not change any conclusions reported in the previous version.

Corresponding Author Information

George C. Thornton


Department of Psychology Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80524



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