The purpose of this study was to present and empirically test the potential influence on ratings in a behavior description interview (BDI) of the personality traits ambition and sociability, two facets of extraversion. Results suggest a relatively strong role for ambition in the administration and outcomes of BDIs in organizational selection, particularly when its interaction with sociability is taken into consideration. In a sample of 85 participants working in entry-level positions, the correlation with BDI ratings was .22 for ambition alone, which increased to .44 when sociability and its interaction with ambition were added. Adding sociability by itself to ambition without the interaction term resulted in a minimal increase in predictability of BDI ratings. Implications of these results include the possibility of a general BDI performance factor, one that may tend to capture maximal (rather than typical) behavior.

Corresponding Author Information

Allen Huffcutt



Department of Psychology Bradley University Peoria, IL 61625



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