Although volumes have been written on spanning the science-practice gap in applied psychology, surprisingly few tangible components of that bridge have actually been constructed. We describe the metaBUS platform that addresses three challenges of one gap contributor: information overload. In particular, we describe challenges stemming from: (1) lack of access to research findings, (2) lack of an organizing map of topics studied, and (3) lack of interpretation guidelines for research findings. For each challenge, we show how metaBUS, which provides an advanced search and synthesis engine of currently more than 780,000 findings from 9,000 studies, can provide the building blocks needed to move beyond engineering design phase and toward construction, generating rapid, first-pass meta-analyses on virtually any topic to inform both research and practice. We provide an Internet link to access a preliminary version of the metaBUS interface and provide two brief demonstrations illustrating its functionality.

Corresponding Author Information

Frank Bosco


Department of Management, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University, Post Office Box 844000, Richmond, VA 23284-4000



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