digital tools, critical pedagogy, technology, social media, equity, online learning, online teaching


At the intersection of an ongoing global pandemic and equity-focused social movements, critical and digital pedagogies became both necessary and important. Digital ways of teaching made education possible when we could not be in person, and provided alternative modes of learning and thinking, but also exacerbated existing inequalities. In this project, we engage in a narrative literature review to examine how digital critical pedagogy (DCP) has been encountered and framed in higher education pedagogy research from 2020-2022. We ask the question: How is DCP being defined, operationalized, and enacted in the emerging research literature? We argue that the analysis of DCP is essential work, as there is no normal to which we can return, no undoing of the alternative modes of teaching and learning discovered or extended, and no moral path forward without continuing to confront existing historical and systemic injustice.

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