QDAS, Qualitative Analysis, Mixed Methods, Curriculum Reform, Higher Education, Research Methodology


This study examined current social science qualitative and mixed methods research practices in the adoption and use of data management and analysis technology with three questions: 1) who uses technology for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis? 2) what can be learned by knowing who these researchers are? and, 3) how might current perceptions inform improvements in future research practices? A mixed methods design encompassed a two-stage process for data gathering. A select group of international experts in the use of technology were recruited. Feedback from the experts informed the refinement of a survey instrument which was distributed to participants representing 29 countries (n=355). Results from the study identified a critical need for the combination of greater technological and methodological support from universities. Such support and advanced research training can enhance our understandings that technological confidence should not be confused with methodological competence. This call for improved methodological training in the appropriate use of digital tools in turn will benefit educational research quality and the teaching of higher education research.