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Philosophy as a Missing Link between Values and Behavior

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Despite the persistence of social scientists, evaluating the relationship between values and behavior has not yielded clear results. Here, a model is proposed to conceptualize and measure a person's operating philosophy. This assesses a different level of the value structure within personality from separate values or clusters of values; it is the evaluative structure within which a person's values exist. Building on major philosophies, such as utilitarianism or humanism, the model assumes that a person has a predominant Pragmatic, Intellectual, or Human Operating Philosophy. In a sample of 801 subjects, each of these operating philosophies had significant associations with a variety of the expected behaviors evident in work and graduate school, such as initiative and empathy, as well as learning styles, skills, and flexibility. Interpretation of the results is offered as a way to understand the relationship between people's values or beliefs and their behavior and approach to learning.

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Psychological Reports


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