A 19-year-old male collegiate lacrosse player suffered an acute singular parasymphysis fracture of the mandible when he was struck in the facemask of his helmet by a lacrosse ball during practice. The fracture was confirmed via panoramic radiography and treated with a closed reduction under local anesthetic by looping a 26-gauge wire around the two right incisors and the right cuspid. This approach to managing the fracture was taken instead of an open reduction and plate application to be less invasive with the hope of a faster recovery and fewer complications. The fracture healed and aligned properly, and after six weeks, the patient was cleared for competition and returned to full activities, with no complications. The importance of this case report is to show that closed reduction is a viable, if not preferred, treatment for mandibular fractures in certain cases, and healthcare professionals, such as athletic trainers, working with lacrosse players should be familiar with this treatment strategy.

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