Purpose: Locus of control (LOC) is the level of control an individual feels they have over the outcomes in their life; work locus of control (WLOC) is the control someone feels over their work. Both LOC and WLOC can be internally or externally affected and influence athletic trainers’ ability to change their clinical circumstances. The purpose of this study was to explore athletic trainers’ LOC and WLOC.

Method: Cross-sectional web-based survey. Two validated surveys were used to measure locus of control and work locus of control in athletic trainers along with the collection of 8 demographic variables. Results: Of the 213 participants, athletic trainers expressed an external LOC (n=108, 50.7%) in their personal lives while reporting an internal WLOC (n=197, 92.5). Conclusion: Participants demonstrated external LOC and internal WLOC. Future investigations should examine LOC and WLOC with work conditions like burnout and job satisfaction to understand barriers faced in the workplace by athletic trainers

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Table 1

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Figure 1