Purpose: The demands of athletic training students are substantial between academic and clinical responsibilities creating problems with commitment and retention. Grit and growth mindset have been associated with academic achievement and success; however, little research has assessed the presence of grit and growth mindset within athletic training students. Therefor the purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in grit and growth mindset between athletic training students and non-athletic training students majoring in general health sciences and to assess the relationship between grit and growth mindset in both athletic training students and non-athletic training students. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted utilizing a web-based survey to assess demographics, grit and growth mindset in undergraduate students. Univariate analyses and correlations were conducted to determine group comparisons and relationships between variables. Results: A total of 96 undergraduate students participated. Of the respondents 56% were athletic training students, 75% were female, and 83% were Caucasian. There was a significant difference in grit (U=800.50, p=.014) between groups with athletic training students (M=3.70, SD=.408) reporting lower levels of grit than non-athletic training students (M=3.93, SD=.413). Intelligence and talent growth mindset yielded no significant differences. A weak, positive correlation was found between grit and intelligence growth mindset (r=.341, p=.001) as well as between grit and talent growth mindset (r=.342, p=.001). Conclusion: The current study indicated differences in grit between athletic training and non-athletic training students, but not in growth mindset. Further research is needed to identify how these factors influence success and retention within athletic training programs.