Purpose: To determine the effectiveness of an infrapatellar strap on pain reduction in participants with patellar tendinopathy. Methods: Articles were identified from PubMed, CINAHL, Medline, and SportDiscus using the string “((((patellar tendinitis OR patellar tendinopathy))) AND ((cho-pat strap OR infrapatellar strap OR compression device OR brace))) AND pain” from January 2009-January 2019, resulting in nine studies. After a review of the title and abstracts, six studies were reviewed in-depth. Of these articles, four studies met the inclusion criteria. Two independent reviewers assessed the level of evidence of included studies using the Oxford Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (2009). Changes in pain with the use of an infrapatellar strap during activity were recorded. Results: Four studies were included (LOE: 1 study=1b, 3 studies=3b). Three studies found a significant decrease in pain during jumping activities in participants wearing an infrapatellar strap, while the fourth study did not find a significant reduction in pain. Conclusion: Results indicate that an infrapatellar strap may be effective in reducing pain associated with patellar tendinopathy in participants performing jumping activities.