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Executive Editor: Dr. Matthew R. Kutz, Ph.D., AT, CSCS, CES, , Bowling Green State University
Associate Editors: Dr. Andrew Krause, Ph.D., AT, , Ohio University
  Trevor Bates, MS, AT, ATC, , Heidelberg University
Managing Editor: Elizabeth J. Walters, MS, AT, ATC, Bowling Green State University

Welcome to the Journal of Sports Medicine and Allied Health Sciences: Official Journal of the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association. The JSMAHS is a nationally indexed, peer-reviewed, scholarly, online journal dedicated to the exploration of sports medicine and allied health professional practice, research, and education. The JSMAHS is indexed through both the Directory of Open Access Journals and EBSCO. The JSMAHS continues to welcome manuscripts from new and seasoned authors who have the desire to share knowledge through the dissemination of published works online.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Allied Health Sciences as the Official Journal of the Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association to provide support to the scholarship of the organization, its members, and stakeholders.JSMAHS assists with the dissemination of scholarly work of researchers from all levels. The JSMAHS provides peer-reviewed and relevant research related to Sports Medicine and Allied Health Care professions.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2 (2020) JSMAHS Fall Issue 2020



Adolescent Perceptions of Injury and Pressures of Returning to Sport: A Retrospective Qualitative Analysis
Jordan J. West, Zachary K. Winkelmann, Jessica Edler, Bradley C. Jackson, and Lindsey E. Eberman


Effect of Age at Menarche on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Incidence and Anterior Knee Laxity in Collegiate Athletes
Andrew W. Froehle, Joseph T. Cox, Jedediah H. May, Kimberly A. Grannis, and Dana L. Duren