About This Journal

The JSMAHS was established with the support of the OATA Executive Board and the help of Dr. Matthew R. Kutz, ATC, LAT, CSCS, at Bowling Green State University in response to a growing interest in the advancement of athletic training and allied health professionals. Our goal is to help first-time and seasoned authors to publish information of relevance to all practitioners.The JSMAHS provides a interdisciplinary forum where initiatives involving the science, practice, and education of athletic training and allied health professionals to share. Our editorial and review boards are composed of practitioners, researchers, scholars, and educators from universities, hospitals, and private practices across in athletic training, exercise science, biomechanics, and many more. It is because of these individuals that the journal continues to grow and provide an outlet for many researchers.

All articles are peer reviewed by members of the editorial and review boards and are approved for publication by the Editorial Board, and the Editor-in-Chief. All articles are recognized, registered, and on file with The Library of Congress Catalog of Publications.

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Sports Medicine and Allied Health Sciences is an open access online journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research papers related to current topics in athletic training and closely related health sciences. It is our aim to give academicians, researchers, and students an avenue to promote, share, and discuss contemporary issues, advancements, and developments in different areas of sports medicine. This journal will contain peer-reviewed, scholarly research twice a year, with a special edition coinciding with the Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association meeting. Papers submitted for review to the JSMAHS must not have been published previously, and must not be under review with another publication at any time during the review process.

Length and Format of Manuscript

The length of submitted works may vary greatly. Because the journal is electronic, length of manuscripts is less of a concern, however, we do not recommend longer than 15 pages.

As you format your manuscript, pay close attention to the Guide to Authors, and the Peer-Review Form linked on the home page.

Publication Fees

The JSMAHS does not charge the author a fee of any kind to publish.