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Results from the 2009 Music Library Association (MLA) Survey of Personnel Characteristics are presented and analyzed. Areas covered include education and training, status and salaries, professional activities, and demographics of MLA members. In each area, comparisons are made to results from the study of the same name conducted in 1997.

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This article first appeared in Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association. See the Notes page for more: .

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Music Library Association

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SurveySummary-complete.xls (773 kB)
Survey results (complete)

surveysummary-mlamembersonly.xls (886 kB)
Survey results (filtered to include data for respondents who were also MLA Members)

Survey Report.docx (885 kB)
Survey report (more data, less analysis)

Figure 1 - Type and Number of Degrees.doc (32 kB)
Figure 1: Type and Number of Degrees

Figure 2 - Languages Known by Members.doc (32 kB)
Figure 2: Languages Known by Members

Figure 3 - Types of Employment.tiff (42 kB)
Figure 3: Types of Employment

Figure 4 - Types of Libraries.tiff (34 kB)
Figure 4: Types of Libraries

Figure 5 - Status of Academic Library Employees.tiff (42 kB)
Figure 5: Status of Academic Library Employees

Figure 6 - Annual Salary Range.tiff (32 kB)
Figure 6: Annual Salary Range



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