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Saturday, October 21st
3:45 PM

How Did We Get Here: A Roundtable Discussion about the Ph.D. Experience

Renee A. Drouin, Bowling Green State University
Jonathan Brownlee, Bowling Green State University
Triauna Carey, Bowling Green State University
Tammie Southall, Bowling Green State University

Olscamp 201

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

This panel is an opportunity to explore questions about applying for and entering into a doctoral program with students currently in the Rhetoric and Writing Ph.D. Program at BGSU. We will discuss our experiences with the genres of writing we had to focus on during the application process and what we wish we knew about those genres when we first started writing. We will talk about our experiences entering into the program and how those experiences help us moving forward. The panel will allow us to interact with participants and engage with questions that tend to come up. What does collaboration entail? How do you plan your time wisely? What genres can you expect to write in while doing your Ph.D.? As students currently collaborating in a program, we hope this panel is a way to gain a better understanding of different ways to approach these questions.

Jon, Renee, Triauna, and Tammie are Ph.D. students in the Rhetoric and Writing Program at BGSU currently collaborating on projects focused on professional development while ultimately surviving and thriving in the program!

The Controversial Uncontroversial Topic: Using Preferred Names and Correct Pronouns in the Classroom

Hillary Weiss, Wayne State University

Olscamp 208

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

This workshop addresses frequently asked questions—gathered from my experience and research—and provides activities that instructors can use. During this workshop, we will also develop ideas and activities together that promote using preferred names and correct pronouns. In addition, I will also discuss my experience with a collaborative Google Document.

The Great Grab Bag Adventure: Around the Tables in 75 Minutes

Marshall J. Saenz, Bowling Green State University
Brian Urias, Bowling Green State University

Olscamp 225

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

This whirlwind workshop presents instructors with key pedagogical questions that often arise in developing classroom materials and then allows participants to collaboratively share their thoughts and approaches to these problems via innovation stations with dry erase board tabletop surfaces. These surfaces have partitioned spaces that allow for brainstorming, listing scholarship, ideation, and sharing activities. Several tables also offer participants to pose their own questions for others to collaborate around. As each table rotates, groups may encounter another question to explore and gather ideas the previous group has constructed. Participants are encouraged to network, take pictures, and makes notes of their visits on the notecard “postcards” we provide, as the takeaway from their adventure is a grab bag of collaborative activities to take home and share with their classes and colleagues.

Marshall is a third-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing focusing on Course and Curriculum design. Brian is a first-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing whose interests include pedagogy, Writing Program Administration, and assessment. The two have found curricular alignments in their areas of interest and collaborate in seeking innovative approaches to classroom activities.