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Saturday, October 21st
9:45 AM

Collaboration behind the Teaching of a Collaborative Podcast

Megan Cross, University of Findlay
Joseph Spieles, University of Findlay

Olscamp 208: Collaboration in the Classroom

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

This project describes collaboration while designing an assignment for a College Writing classroom. Cross and Spieles collaborated to create an assignment where students produced an analytical podcast in groups. This required the instructors to work together to create cohesion, and it also required the students to work with one another.

Given Words: Creative Writing, Collaboration, and Pedagogy

Kristin LaFollette, Bowling Green State University
Jonathan Brownlee, Bowling Green State University

Olscamp 208: Collaboration in the Classroom

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

This project explores the pedagogical impact of incorporating creative writing, play, and collaboration into the writing classroom. Through a collaborative creative project, we began exploring and thinking about the writing process in different ways. This presentation focuses on the process of completing that project and the ways this type of collaborative writing could be used in the composition classroom to help students become more effective writers.

Overcoming Challenges at the Start of Graduate Study

Renee A. Drouin, Bowling Green State University
Brandie Bohney, Bowling Green State University
Brian Urias, Bowling Green State University
Randy Meyer, Bowling Green State University
Bailey Poland, Bowling Green State University
Lena Ziegler, Bowling Green State University

Olscamp 203

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

This discussion-driven presentation will focus on the importance and facilitation of collaborations among graduate students in writing-driven fields. Each of the six presenters will briefly introduce a challenge or opportunity for graduate students, but the bulk of the presentation will be dedicated to interactive discussion among the panel and participants.

The presenters—Bailey, Brian, Randy, Renee, Lena, and Brandie—make up the current first-year cohort for Bowling Green State University's Rhetoric & Writing doctoral program and have been constant collaborators since the start of their program.

Teaching Tolerance: Using Syrian Refugee Literature in the Secondary English Classroom

Samantha B. Weiss, Bowling Green State University

Olscamp 208: Collaboration in the Classroom

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

Teaching Syrian refugee literature in high school English literature classrooms requires a collaboration between student and teacher, built on mutual trust. Procedurally directive teaching must be used, as students must feel safe to participate, disagree, and misunderstand when learning about controversial topics, such as the refugee crisis.