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There looms an uncertainty about the Common Core State Standards for mathematics for many teachers. Teachers have indicated that they want professional development (PD) focused on learning about the new standards (Bostic & Matney, in press). This manuscript describes PD programs for K-10 mathematics teachers and offers results from one activity aimed to help teachers unpack the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SFMP). Four major themes arose from interpretive analysis of teachers’ perceptions of the SFMP. These findings suggest (1) the PD supported teachers to make sense of the SFMP and (2) teachers may have misperceptions about the SFMP that require further PD.

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In Reeder, S. L. and Matney, G. T. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 40th Annual meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning.

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Proceedings for the 40th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning

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