Susan Paganelli, Jevonne Smith, Kathy Quinn, Amy Krane, Beverly Jacobs, Peggy Toaz, Vicky Ansberry, Lauren Shultz, Eve Kehoe, Kristyn Craven, Barbara Neuin, and Tebra Stepnicka

Solon City Schools

Carolyn Bruce

South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools

Action research is designed with the express intent of assisting educators in assessing the effectiveness of their building and classroom practices. Lesson study helps teachers use ongoing collaborative peer-insight and feedback about student responses to instruction to develop high quality lessons. Middle school teachers from an outer ring suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, combined lesson study with action research to determine whether the four-column writing method improved student responses to extended answer questions such as those found on the Ohio Proficiency Test. Results indicate that fifth grade students instructed using the 4-column writing method performed significantly better than those receiving other traditional writing instruction employed in the building.